$1 a Day Will Help Sponsor an Unreached People Group

You can help bring literacy and the Word of God to people who have never heard of the true light and have a very low literacy rate.

Our goal to get 30 commitments of $1 a Day for 3 years will bring the Word of God to an Unreached People Group.  You can pledge one, two, three, or more commitments ($30, $60, $90 ... per month), as you are led.

Over 3 years your commitment will help:
  • Teach 750 adults to read through Literacy Classes that focus on the Word of God.
  • Train 10 Church planters in sharing about God, discipleship, and developing fellowships.
  • Send 1,000 children to CBS where they will hear that God Loves them for the first time.

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Feedback on How Your Contributions Help...

Our indigenous partners follow up with each literacy class and church planter being trained so we can send you reports each year of the project:

  • Year 1 - Report at end of year on progress of literacy training for 450 adults.
  • Learn how many people have graduated, agreed to 'Each One Teach One', stopped child marriages, stopped smoking and drinking, started taking baths, and most importantly came to know the true light, are attending fellowships, and have confessed a new faith.

  • Year 2 - Report every 4 months on progress of class of 10 church planters.
  • Report on how many people have come to know the true light, are attending fellowships, have confessed their new faith, or are ready to.

  • Year 3 - Report at end of year on progress of literacy training for 300 adults.
India Has the Most Unreached People Groups
  • The world’s least evangelized people are concentrated in India. Of 159 people groups in India of over 1 million people, 133 are unreached.
  • There are 639 people groups in the world with populations over 10,000 that are unreached and unengaged. 485 of the 639, or 75%, are found in India.
  • India has more unreached peoples than any other nation.
  • (Operation World, 7th ed, 2010, pp. 414-415)
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