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December 2016 Newsletter  
What Makes Glad Tidings India Unique?  
  • Money leveraged into Self-sustaining Ministries
  • Over 60 years experience in India with trustworthy partnerships
  • Grass-roots directed indigenous strategy
  • Proven, effective 30-year track record in Church Planting and Literacy Ministry
Glad Tidings India Opens California Office  

We praise God for the significant fruit for the Kingdom that we are seeing from southern California. As a result, God is leading us to open an office in California under the leadership of Byron and Kathy Hack.  They have been involved in the ministry for many years - starting with Byron going on one of our Mission Vision trips in 2006 with his then 12-year old daughter.

Since then, all of the Hack family (including their son) have been to India. Byron serves on the GTI Board of Directors and is currently the Board Liaison to India.

Contact information for the California office is:

Byron Hack, West Coast Director
Glad Tidings India
981 W Arrow Highway #348
San Dimas, CA 91773
[email protected]

A second So-Cal banquet is scheduled for October 7, 2017. We thank God for all the Hacks are doing to help spread the Gospel to India.

Glad Tidings India Literacy Classes  
  • Literacy classes featuring the Word of God are conducted by churches in India as a result of training and materials supplied by GTI and our indigenous partner in India.
  • Classes run 2 hours per night, 5 nights per week, for 10 months
  • At the completion of the classes, many of the students are reading at a 5th grade level and often about 30% come to know the true light

Lives are deeply impacted in may ways. Last year:

  • 295 literacy teachers were trained
  • 8,850 adults were enrolled in 7 Indian states

Our holistic literacy classes include awareness lessons on:

  • Basic health and personal hygiene
  • Nutrition and proper diet
  • Community sanitation
  • Family relationships
  • Pre- and post-natalcare
  • Self-help skills and financial improvement
  • Political rights
  • Government programs for the poor
  • AIDS, leprosy, and alcohol
Great Need in India - Children Suffering from Stunted Growth  
  • 48 million children under the age of 5 suffer from stunted growth in India — ranking #1 in the world
  • Nigeria ranks 2nd with 10.3 million children and Pakistan ranks 3rd with 9.8 million
  • Stunted growth, which is irreversible, is a consequence of malnutrition in the first two years of a child’s life
  • Stunted growth also affects a child’s mental development
  • Poor sanitation and drinking contaminated water also cause malnutrition
  • 25% of all cases of stunted growth are directly caused by chronic diarrhea in the first two years of life

Source:WaterAid Charity

Proper Nutrition Taught in Literacy Classes  
  • Literacy classes present glad tidings
  • In addition, basic instruction is given about foods that contribute to a proper, nutritious diet
  • A nutritious diet can prevent stunted growth in children
  • 137 individuals are now eating a more nutritious diet after completing literacy classes recently conducted for 450 adults in the Girijana Yerukula Tribal Unreached People Group
India and Sanitation  
  • 774 million people in India live without adequate sanitation facilities
  • Open field defecation is one of the biggest health problems in India
  • Over 500 million people in India practice "open field defecation" - the highest number of people in the world
  • Open defecation spreads disease and makes children more susceptible to diarrhea and other infections

Source:WaterAid Charity

Two Literacy Class Testimonies  
  • S. is 34 years old and has 4 children
  • She lives in a very remote village in an unreached people group
  • Due to poverty, there were many times when there was no food to feed her family
  • She attended literacy classes and learned many things
  • She was enabled to start a vegetable shop
  • Her income is now sufficient to feed her family
  • R. is 30 years old and has 2 sons
  • Her husband was a priest of an other faith and a drunkard who spent all his money on alcohol
  • Through the literacy classes, R. was given seed money to start a small petty shop in her village
  • Her husband has also came to know the true light, stopped drinking and is regularly attending church with her
  • As a result of her business, her children will now be able to attend school
Prayer Requests  

  • Remember to thank God for nutritious food and sanitary living conditions
  • Pray for literacy classes that not only bring glad tidings, but help needy people in so many other ways
  • Pray for the literacy teachers in India who commit to teaching 2 hours a night, 5 nights a week for 10 months
  • Pray for Byron and Kathy Hack as they establish a new office for Glad Tidings India in California. Pray that God will supply the necessary personnel
  • Pray that funds will come in for a new warehouse in India so that exorbitant rent will no longer need to be paid
  • Pray for new staff to be supplied where needed for our indigenous partner in India
  • Ask that the forces of darkness will be bound in India so that the good news may go forth unheeded
  • Pray for God’s protection for all involved with GTI and our indigenous partner

“Nothing is more foundational to the spread and establishment
of the Christian Faith than the Word of God.”

William D. Teate, Jr.President
Glad Tidings India


Rev. William D. Teate, Jr.
53 Harristown Road
Paradise, PA 17562
(717) 768-0388
[email protected]
Glad Tidings is funded by the generous gifts of individuals, churches and businesses. The official registration and financial information of Glad Tidings India may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll-free, within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999, or (717) 783-1720. Registration does not imply endorsement.