He Changed My Life - Dr. William Scott's Testimony

I lived in Ireland until 1950 when I went to India. Ireland is a Christian country but that did not mean I was automatically a Christian.

I was only a Christian in name, but not in experience. 

Since both my parents were members of the church of Ireland by birth, I also was a member of that church. My parents were good people but were not active Christians and rarely went to church. So I did not know the Biblical truth as written in Ephesians 2:8-9; that Salvation is a gift from God,received by faith and is not obtained by our good works.

My understanding of Salvation was being baptized as an infant, then memorizing the catechism and at a responsible age being confirmed by the church. Doing all this did not bring me real peace or real joy. I was restless and wanted to have definite purpose and meaning to life.

When I was 14 years old and considered one of the good boys of the street, the bad boy who was a few years older than I had a wonderful transforming experience. He had received Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. This greatly impressed me. 

He invited me to go with him to a prayer meeting and it was there on February 20th, 1942, an Elder of the church led me to Salvation in Jesus Christ. To say this was a transforming experience is not adequate to explain the wonderful change in my life which my parents and others immediately saw.

I immediately became actively involved in ministry for God Whom I loved with all my heart. Teaching a Sunday School class and occasional Bible studies, a co-leader in large children's meeting and speaking the Gospel and open air meetings. In many ways I was obeying God and trying to be a good witness. I was willing to do anything of God.

Well just about anything. There was a reservation that only God and I knew about. I was not willing to go anywhere, particularly to a foreign country as a missionary if God wanted me to do that.

Then in February, 1951, at a youth convention in Belfast, Ireland, I responded positively to the challenge to yield my life unconditionally to God. For me this was a heart rending decision, but when I said "Yes" to God, peace from God filled my life.

Now I was willing to serve God anywhere He would direct me to go.

Step by step He led me to India for life time missionary commitment, and God met every need as I walked in obedience to Him.

In this short article I can only mention that, God miraculously supplied the financial needs to study for two years at a prestigious Bible College in Scotland and further study at a college in Belfast.

Then when I got a passage in October, 1950, on the ship to India, God in a wonderful way, supplied the needed funds to purchase the ticket.

I could keep on writing about the marvelous ways in which God fulfilled Philippians 4:19 in supplying all that my wife Joyce and I needed, as we in obedience to Him did the ministries in India He wanted us to do.

It is marvelous, and I still go to India to help and bless in whatever way I can.

-- Dr. William Scott 

If you would like to read more of Dr. Scott's story, contact us and ask for the book Dr. William Scott 60 Years of Ministry in India

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