Literacy and Church Planting Projects Based on Luke 19

Your congregation can experience a practical 12 week study of the parable in Luke 19:10-28 while transforming the lives of people in India.

Significant Features of the Project

Involves the congregation in the Great Commission without impacting the church's budget.

The Luke 19 Project gets everyone in the church involved in doing something for missions at the same time.

People care more deeply about missions because they have invested their own time and talents.

It sets the stage so people can see God working in their own lives.

It is important to believe the Bible and right doctrine, but what makes the Christian faith exciting is when people see God moving in their own personal lives. This occurs as folks pray and ask God to multiply through them the 'Seed Money' given out of Luke 19.

It generates new money for missions and does not compete with out-of-pocket giving. In this project people are not asked to give their own money, but are challenged simply to multiply what has been given to them. Glad Tidings India supplies the 'Seed Money'.

How the Luke 19 Project Works

Based on the parable of the pounds or minas (Luke 19:10-28):

Three servants were given a pound. One multiplied it 5 times, another multiplied it 10 times, and the third just hid the pound and didn't do anything.

Glad Tidings India provides the $10 for every responsible teen and adult in the congregation.

The pastor preaches a message on Luke 19 on a Sunday morning and everyone in the congregation (responsible teenagers and older) receives a $10 bill.

Each person is challenged for the next 12 weeks to multiply their 'seed money' by using their own creative talents and abilities in their own personal lives.

The goal is for each individual to multiply his or her 'pound' five or ten times just like the most faithful servants did.

Pray that God will lead you what to do.

Pray for God's blessing upon your endeavors.

How many needy people in India will become literate, learn about the true God, and have every dimension of their lives changed because of your activities during the next three months?

Project Ideas
  1. Buy seeds, plant a garden, and sell produce.
  2. Have a garage sale - invite your neighbors to participate thereby multiplying the revenue while involving them in the Great Commission.
  3. Teach computer skills.
  4. Buy gas and provide transportation.
  5. Give golf lessons.
  6. Buy stain and refinish old furniture.
  7. Baby-sit children.
  8. Make and sell a quilt.
  9. Repair household items.
  10. Buy soap and wash cars.
  11. Buy ingredients, make cookies and sell to friends and co-workers at office once a week.
  12. Weed someone's flowers.
  13. House cleaning.
  14. Sewing repairs and alterations.
  15. Buy ad for newspaper and hold a garage sale.
  16. Offer personal skills - prepare tax forms, take blood pressure, tutor students, etc...
  17. Make collection boxes, ask neighbors, coworkers, friends to donate spare change to change India.

Dalit women celebrating literacy graduation

Dalit woman exhibiting skill learned in literacy class
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