A Long Successful History in India


Drs. Bill & Joyce Scott
Missionaries in India for over 50 years,
founders of our indigenous partner.

Dr. William Scott and his late wife, Dr. Joyce Scott, began ministry in India in 1950, eventually founding an indigenous ministry in India, which distributes on average over 40,000 pieces of Scripture per working day.

In 1952 after two years of language study and orientation in India, the Scotts were assigned to a small village to establish new church and a Christian Day School. It was in that village of Peddapalli that God gave the vision and burden to get the Word of God to every home in India. For twenty years they went from home to home in villages, towns, and cities to place Bibles, New Testaments, and Gospels in homes. There was much resistance and opposition, but they also saw lives transformed to the Glory of God.

It was also at this time that God taught the Scotts the principal of not giving the Bibles and Scriptures indiscriminately to all free of cost. They saw the waste of resources as free literature was sold as waste paper to merchants in the market. They decided to give the Bibles and literature at an affordable cost which would be above the waste paper value. Many times they received an egg or some rice or vegetables for a Bible which was all the Indians could afford.

This principle gave value to the books and assured they would be read, in addition to providing a sense of dignity to the receiver. Our indigenous partner was protected from any accusation of giving incentives to people to become Christians.


In 1972 a partnership with World Home Bible League was established and this greatly increased the distribution of Bibles and Scriptures. During this partnership the Schools of "Leadership Training" were developed. At first the Scotts thought of the school being a building where the students would come. The first year a class was held in the North at Faridabad and in the South at Madras; it was thought they would become the first two of a number of centers.

However, they quickly realized that Village teachers were not comfortable in city buildings and the costs were high. So the Scotts started what became known as on-site Schools of "Leadership Training". Classes were held in villages and the teachers were brought in to the students. This ministry exploded to the glory of God. Since 1985 over 6,200 Indian "Leadership Teachers" have been trained in Church Planting. They have established over 18,000 House Churches and trained over 20,000 Timothies.


In 1984 the American Baptists asked Joyce Scott if she would develop a literacy program. This began with the Baptist Churches in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It was so successful that other denominations asked for the program. Joyce was asked to serve on a number of committees and forums for Literacy. One of these was for all of India and there was an awesome growth of this ministry and development of self-help projects linked to the literacy ministry. Literacy Evangelism International asked Joyce to be the coordinator for all of India in developing their excellent Bible-content literacy primers in a number of languages of India. Now our indigenous partner is working in partnership with over 600 church/social organizations in 33 states and 7 Union Territories in India to promote literacy and spiritual growth among illiterates. Primers are now available in 17 major languages.


Children and Teachers at Vacation Bible School (CBS)

The Children's Bible Schools (similar to VBS) started with a program to reach a few hundred children using the meager existing materials. There was an overwhelming response. Hundreds of partner churches asked for training and materials. Our indigenous partner mobilized good writers and developed excellent materials for curiculums to reach children from 6 to 16 years of age. Up to one million children per year are now being reached with the program.

Our indigenous partner is a partner ministry with churches and missions in India, and with overseas partners who have the same vision. Books, magazines, Bibles, Scriptures and tracts are distributed in the hundreds of thousands in partnership with organizations such as Revival Movement in Ireland, World MAP, World Missionary Press and others. Now, over 47,000 pieces of Scripture are distributed every working day through our indigenous partner throughout India.


After years at the helm of our indigenous partner providing unique self-sustaining ministry, the Scotts decided in 1999 to hand over complete control of our indigenous partner to nationals residing in India who had been with the ministry for many years. The current Executive Director, started with our indigenous partner 25 years ago as a packing boy in the shipping department. Over the years our indigenous partner has had several funding partners. The current primary funding partner for our indigenous partner is Glad Tidings India which was incorporated in May, 2004 as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Even though this current primary funding organization is relatively new, the ministry purpose and direction is rooted in the ongoing thirty year relationship of Dr. William Scott (founder) and Rev. William D. Teate, Jr. (President) with our indigenous partner, pursuing the same ministry goals as they had under previous funding organizations.

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