The Circle of Giving Empowers Individuals and Helps Communities

Fellowships provide sewing machines and rickshaws indiscriminately to the poor, enabling impoverished men and women to support their families and contribute to their community. The followers receiving these sewing machines and rickshaws are taught to tithe to their fellowships, enabling the fellowship to give back to the community in an accelerated fashion through more sewing machines, rickshaws, and literacy courses.

Sewing Machines are $125, Rickshaws are $200



Mrs. A. is one of the sewing machine recipients. She serves in a fellowship started by Samuel, a church planter trained in 2008 by Glad Tidings India and our indigenous partner. She and her husband are very poor. They work as coolies (day laborers who work hard and are paid a minimum wage) during the week and serve God at the fellowship during the weekends. By God’s grace, many people are coming to that fellowship to worship the True God. Land has been purchased to construct their first fellowship building.

Literacy courses

Students in literacy courses are taught a skill that dramatically increases their income, and is relevant to the community where they live. These skills include learning to sew and garden, as well as making incense, soap, candles, baskets, leaf-plates and other items that can be sold at the market. The courses also include basic math and the importance of saving, so the students are equipped to develop their own business.  The Word of God is a primary resource throughout these classes.


In one village in Andra Pradesh, literacy course students formed a cohort and pooled their savings. When a young boy in the village became ill, the members of the cohort used their combined savings to pay for the boy’s treatment.  

The self empowerment skills these women learned through their literacy course, enabled them to perform a community service of love and generosity for a family that needed support.  This type of generosity and care would not have occurred before the literacy training and self empowerment came to this community.

Dr. Scott blessing a family and new sewing machine


Man with Rickshaw


Sewing Machine at Deaf Ministry


Students from Scheduled Caste Literacy Course

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