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Below are stories and testimonies from some of our friends and partners in the USA describing how God has impacted their lives through Glad Tidings India.

Take some time to read them, reflect on them, and prayerfully consider if God wants to enlarge your heart for the people of India by partnering with Glad Tidings India in a way that suits you.

Contact us if you have a story to share or perhaps you would like to write a blog entry. We love hearing stories of how God is working through others to spread glad tidings.


Shopping Ministry! It's So Much Fun!! -- Supporting Used Bibles & Christian Books

Indians shopping for Bibles and books

Ann in front of a Thrift Store

I work long hours, and have family, church, and home responsibilities, as well.

Sometimes, to relax, I like to stop at thrift stores and yard sales to seek out bargains. It's kind of "shopping therapy" that is a time when I can wander a bit, poke around, de-stress and occasionally find an amazing deal.

Some time ago I figured out a way to turn this into a ministry, which makes it fun and exciting for me -- seeking out Bible and book deals that can be donated to Glad Tidings India!

When things have been hard at work or I'm a bit down, when I find a bargain, it kind of perks me up, and I get amazing feelings when I'm shopping for the Kingdom.

There are times when people see that I am buying even a small pile of books and might make a comment. If I mention they are going to be donated to my church to be sent to India, people may volunteer to donate more to add to my little pile, or give me a discount.

At least one public library and a theology library have been willing to donate leftover books from their book sales.

Sometimes I find a book or two for myself in the mix, and that has been used to change my life for the better, also!

Book buying has become a really fun hobby for me -- if you like shopping for treasures, you might like it, too!

I do limit myself to certain amounts I am willing to pay for individual books, how much I am willing to spend, etc.

No matter what kind of week or two I've had, if I can buy a Bible or helpful Christian book for someone who needs one, I know that that time and money has been well spent!

-- Ann A

Students Help 169 Women Learn To Read! -- Luke 19 Project at a Christian School

Students at the West Shore Christian Academy decided to do a Luke 19 Project to enable women in India attend literacy classes featuring the Word of God.

In 3 months, the students generated over $4,200. Because of these kids, 169 illiterate women in India are now attending literacy classes for 10 months. These women will:

  • Learn to read and write
  • Be taught basic health and hygiene
  • Learn self-help skills and increase their income
  • Clearly hear the glad tidings of God presented through their primers featuring the Word of God

All of this is occurring because of the efforts of students in grades in 1-12 at West Shore Christian Academy in Shiremanstown, Pennsylvania.


Principal Dan Steinfield presenting the $4,200 check to Rev. Bill Teate

Children Collect Spare Change & Send 970 Indian Children to CBS!

The students of the 6th grade class at Alta Loma Christian School collected spare change for the month of February. One young man brought in a box of pennies -- $75 in pennies! 16 students collected $245 in spare change. Their efforts will enable 245 Indian children to attend CBS.

The Sunday School and Awana children at Glenkirk Church collected $725 in spare change during the month of February. Their efforts will enable another 725 children to go to CBS.

These children in California have made it possible for 970 children in India to experience CBS for the first time. They will learn they are loved by the True Light who wants to be their forever friend.

These children from opposite sides of the world may never meet in person on earth, but they may meet each other in Heaven!

Your school, youth group, sports program, or Sunday School can join in this effort to introduce kids to the Great Commission while helping to send 1 Million Indian children to CBS
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