Children's Bible School (similar to VBS)

The vast majority of Indian children have never heard of a God who loves them, have never heard of a God who cares for them, and have never heard of the true light.

Our indigenous partner provides children the opportunity to learn about the true light through Children's Bible School (CBS), similar to Vacation Bible School (VBS) in the USA.

Children go to CBS for 10 days in May. Current funding allows 300,000 children to hear God loves them for the first time. However, the infrastructure is in place to enable 1 million children to attend CBS!

Glad Tidings India has a goal to send 1 million children to CBS each year.  

$1 Sends a Child to CBS

Will you help us reach our goal?  How many children can you send to CBS?  You may meet some of those children in heaven! 


During 10 days of VBS, children learn songs, dances, drama, and sports. They also learn about the true light, and that God loves them.  Snacks and lunch are also provided for all participants.

An Inspiring CBS Testimony

Stephen was born in a slum area of Bangalore located in the state of Karnataka.

The indigenous partner of Glad Tidings India (GTI), provided the curriculum and trained teachers for a church in the area which conducted a CBS that Stephen attended. Stephen wanted to learn more about the true light - but could not read or write.
A few years later he attended literacy classes whose teachers were trained by our indigenous partner. These classes ran two hours a night, five nights a week for ten months. He graduated and was awarded his first book - the Bible.
With this additional knowledge, Stephen felt concerned for all the people living in his slum because they had never heard about the true light or true God who loved them.
He decided to apply to become a student in the Church Planting School Program offered through our indigenous partner and was accepted. After graduating, the area where God led him to start a fellowship was the very slum in which he had been born and continued to live.
Stephen’s life has come full circle: the slum boy who first came to know the true light at Children's Bible School now shares the love of the true God with other slum children by conducting CBS in his own church which, incidentally, is located in the slum in which he was born!
Children singing at CBS
Dancing at CBS celebration
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