Why India?

A country of over 1.2 billion inhabitants, 75% of whom are Hindu, 14% Muslim, 6% Christian, 2% Sikh, and 3% other.

India has more unreached individuals than any other nation.  Of the unreached people groups in the world with populations over 10,000, 75% are found in India. (Operation World, 7th ed., pp. 414-415).

A secular democracy but with strong radical influences of other faiths throughout the country.

A land of contrast - economic strength and prosperity alongside great poverty; educationally strong alongside a 67% official literacy rate and in actuality a much lower functional literacy rate.

Dr Scott and his late wife, Dr. Joyce Scott, began ministry in India in 1950, eventually founding an indigenous ministry in India which annually distributes on average over 52,000 pieces of the Word of God per working day.

Hundreds of Church Planters are waiting to be trained

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